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I offer proofreading, editing, and writing services at competitive rates. Clients include the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (the new Library of Alexandria), NYU Press, AUC Press, and Heinemann Publishers.

I am a fastidious and conscientious proofreader and editor, familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style, AP, APA, MLA, and Hart’s Rules. Though my primary focus is fiction, I have edited manuscripts in the fields of history, architecture, political science, biology, and law. Accustomed to writing and editing against deadlines, I offer fast turnaround on projects. Click here to read client testimonials.

I offer the following services:

Manuscript Evaluation

I will read through your manuscript and provide several pages of comments and notes regarding narrative flow, character development, and authorial voice. In addition, I will critique query letters and synopses and provide information on submitting to literary agents and publishers.


I will go through your manuscript twice, correcting errors of spelling and grammar, and ensuring that the narrative makes logical sense and flows. I make no distinction between line editing and copyediting; my goal is to create an immaculate text, suitable for publication, while preserving the author’s voice.

In editing fiction, I look at plot consistency and character development. I will sharpen dialogue, trim out unnecessary words, and note patches of static prose that could be removed. If necessary, I will suggest rewrites. I provide comprehensive notes on my work.


Proofreading is the final stage before publication, and is primarily for manuscripts that are in good shape, but need a polish. I will correct all errors of grammar and spelling, ensuring that the copy adheres to the appropriate style.

Contact me at the address below for details or to make a proposal. References will be supplied upon request.

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Here is a sampling of texts I have worked on:

In the Time of Love ds Karnak Cafe dsJudgment Day dsBasrayatha ds Butterfly Wings ds Cairo Illustrated ds Immortality Wars ds Manhunt ds All Are My Children Whitefly Ubuntu PeacebuildingThe Expeditions - new coverA Rare Blue Bird Flies with Me dscandygirl dsDays in the Diaspora ds Earth Weeps, Saturn Laughs ds  House of the Wolf dsThe Longing of the DervishBalkanized at Sunrise ds Brains ConfoundedA Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Egypt ds Working IN  Gratitude and Goals ds Catalyst dsLanterns of the King of Galilee ds Life on Hold ds  Private Pleasures ds The Power to Create Your Life by Design dsPyramid Texts ds Re-Envisioning Egypt ds  The Churches of Egypt ds Time's Mysteries and Miracles dsWomen of Karantina dsThe Image, the Icon, and the Covenant ds Weight Loss Secrets of the Stars dsTilling God's Land ds Time of White Horses ds The Nubian Pharaohs dsRise of the Red Dragon dsA Beautiful White Cat Walks with Me dsI Am Because We Are ds